Lili Margo partners with dear Charlotte for Mother's Day

If the love for mothers is shown all year round, Mother's Day is an opportunity to give them a special gift.

Lili Margo had the idea of partnering with a jewellery brand: Dear Charlotte, to create the perfect limited edition gift ! We often hesitate between giving a piece of jewellery or a facial care product. That's why this collaboration allows you to offer both in the same box ! Indeed, you can personalize your gift with unique pieces created especially for this event. In addition, the chosen skincare products are designed to meet the needs of women with mature skin; especially for your mothers !


It is sometimes said "tell me what you offer, I will tell you who you are". Thanks to the Fabulous Mum and Wonder Mum boxes, you will become the one who found the gift with the remarkable combo...



This association was not made by chance !

These brands are both inspired by the relationship between a mother and her daughter :

The founder of Dear Charlotte, named the brand "Dear Charlotte" as a tribute to her daughter. Lili Margo was inspired by this same bond that connects the generations to create natural, expert and refined skincare products.

A common universe that corresponds well to this beautiful holiday celebrated this year on May 30th, 2021.



Dear Charlotte is a jewellery brand founded by Vanessa Pinoncely in 2010. A true vintage jewellery enthusiast, the designer draws her inspiration from the royal courts or her many travels to create her very own universe, delicately romantic and deliciously retro.



To continue this romance, the universe of Lili Margo invites you to discover unique products with pleasant olfactory sensations and smooth textures.

Products composed of an average of 95% natural ingredients created by French experts in Parisian laboratories.



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