Lili Margo

Is Every Woman

Lili and Margo are every woman. They offer in their union a completeness and complicity that reflect all female traits. What is missing in Lili is found in Margo and what Margo lacks, Lili provides. In their togetherness, they respond to all the facets of every woman in the 21st century that has a Lili and a Margo in her.

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Lili and Margo


Lili and Margo connect, inspire each other and celebrate their uniqueness and differences. They have a bonding that is simply unbreakable, a connection that revolves around mutual learning and unconditional appreciation of one another. Despite their age difference, they always find brilliant communication dynamics and share their know-how, likes and dislikes and most importantly their revitalizing beauty and skin care secrets.

Lili is Natural, Margo is Expert

Both are glamorous

Lili is an all-natural eco-responsible skin-care enthusiast who loves the healing powers of plants and understands how nature is the answer to all ailments. Margo is a glamorous, experienced, forward-thinking professional who masters real-life skills and has a genuine know-how in the beauty world. Lili has a fresh and young perspective, sees matters from a millennial’s point of view and knows that beauty is a continuous process. Margo grasps the complexities of the 21st century’s world, has an immense love for life and knows how to move forward in the most impressive ways.  

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An invitation

to every woman

Lili Margo is Lili’s authentic nature and Margo’s confident expertise offered to all independent and emancipated women of the world. “Lili Margo” is an invitation to all women, of all generations, to belong to one community: the sisterhood of modern superwomen who savor exquisite and refined skin care.

Discover their Secrets