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How do I clean my skin every day?

Comment bien nettoyer ma peau chaque jour ?
The first beauty step in the morning is to cleanse the skin! A little focus on my favorite products Lili Margo

Cleansing your skin first allows you to eliminate all impurities and reduce the risk of infection (our beloved blackheads and blackheads). The massage of the products on the skin will directly reactivate the cellular mechanisms and thus revive the complexion!

My first step to cleanse my skin is the Blue Ocean biphasic lotion! It allows me to remove makeup from my face and even from the eye area, which is a very sensitive area. Rich in trace elements, Blue Ocean remineralizes and strengthens my skin. I apply it with two cotton pads, moving from the centre to the extremities of my face to tone it.

After removing the first traces of make-up, I use a milk to remove make-up in depth. My Gentle Makeup Remover Lactate envelops my skin to clean all its pores. This cleansing milk limits the effects of pollution that accumulate on my skin during the day. Its milk texture nourishes deeply while purifying. I apply it directly with my hands in circular movements: each part of my face is clean. Then, I rinse the product because yes, girls, you always have to rinse a cleansing milk! The milk absorbs the impurities but if you don't rinse it, they will stay on your skin and penetrate with the product: guaranteed disaster! This is the best way to damage your skin.

To finish my complete cleansing, I use a lotion that will take care of removing the last impurities and scale on my skin: the Gentle Lotion without alcohol. It purifies and refines the skin texture. I apply it just like Blue Ocean with two cotton pads from the center to the outside of my face. This kind of movement gives a natural lift and glow to my complexion.

Voila! My skin is clean and ready to receive treatments!