Lili Margo X Adoraswim: A collaboration for an environmental cause!

Lili Margo X Adoraswim : Une collaboration pour une cause environnementale !

The Lili Margo and Adoraswim sets are to support the Healthy Seas charity for the ECONYL regeneration project®.

Healthy Seas was founded in 2013 to tackle environmental issues. The charity fights ocean pollution, through clean-ups with volunteer divers, while working with stakeholders in the fishing industry to raise awareness of the impact of marine litter.

Adoraswim is a premium and committed swimwear brand. Created by Sara Johansen and Lucy Zoe Evans, their swimwear enhances women's bodies while respecting the environment.

Every woman can feel proud to wear swimwear that is made, packaged and delivered in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. How?

The swimwear is made from 100% ECONYL generated nylon®, using reclaimed waste that would otherwise pollute our seas and oceans. No other resources are used to make these fabrics.

As Antoine Lavoisier would say, nothing is lost, nothing is created: everything is transformed.

Lili Margo is an expert and natural brand, composed essentially of French and natural active ingredients, including fruits and flowers with an average of 95% of ingredients that we draw from nature. Moreover, Lili Margo products are eco-designed with secondary packaging that is 99.9% recyclable.

Indeed, as brands that respect the well-being of women and the environment, the association between Lili Margo and Adoraswim is not by chance.

Their stories and their universes are linked by their expertise and their eco-responsibility.

Thus, we have imagined, especially for the summer, two boxes that will make you fall in love...

These two boxes include Lili Margo products and an Adoraswim swimsuit of your choice.

You can find the "CONSCIOUS PACK" and the "SUSTAINABLE PACK" on both websites! Take advantage of the special offer during this month!