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5 beauty tips to follow during winter

5 astuces beauté à suivre pendant l’hiver

In winter, the cold wind causes the phenomenon of natural evaporation of the water contained in the skin tissue. Since our skin regulates itself, it evaporates the water in the tissues but above all keeps a necessary amount for its health and its comfort. If the skin is not protected from the wind and cold, it no longer has enough water: it is the dehydration !

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it needs to be hydrated to stay healthy. Winter is a particularly difficult period for her, knowing that she is subject to temperature changes and air extremely dry. For this, Lili and Margo wish to share with you 5 beauty tips to have well hydrated skin throughout this period 

Drink water

Drink a lot of water. It seems obvious, but it is the first and most important step for good hydration. If you don't drink enough water, your skin will suffer.

Depth moisturize

Invest in a good moisturizer. Choose a cream suitable for your skin type and don't forget to apply it generously on a daily basis, morning and evening.


As humidity eliminates skin tightness and dryness, use a humidifier in your room to maintain the damp ambient air. The latter will reduce the inconvenience caused by dehydration such as the lips, red eyes and dry skin.

 More toxic products!

Avoid aggressive detergent products and too flavored soaps that dry out the skin. Any aggressive scent or active will be able to irritate the skin in case of application, rest assured to apply natural and nonocific moisturizers!

Apply moisturizing masks

Make moisturizers once or twice a week to help your skin retain moisture.

 Face hydration is important for healthy and radiant skin. It is necessary to hydrate every day, even if you do not make up, because the skin needs to be permanently fed. 

Hydration is an important part of the skin care routine, regardless of your skin type. The pores of your face are open all day, which means that your face is exposed to external aggressions such as pollution and UV. Hydration makes it possible to compensate for these attacks by providing your skin with the lipids it needs to regenerate. There are many ways to hydrate the face, but some are more effective than others. It's up to you to try!