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Everybody: our first body range that enhances your skin.

Everybody : Notre première gamme corps qui sublime votre peau.


We tell you very often, we repeat it to you from a very young age: you have to have a good hygiene, a good routine for the care of our skin, especially that of our body! But why ?

With the launch of our new range, we try to lift the veil for you on this question.



To help your body stay in good condition : Exfoliate!

THE Body oil scrub

Taking care of your body is necessary to keep your body in good condition. First step, great classic of body routines: the scrub. Proclaimed essential for renewed skin, thoroughly cleaned and above all softer! That's not all, but the scrub eliminates all dead cells too! To be used once or twice a week.




To help your body stay smooth : Hydrate!

There Hydrating Milky Mist & there Moisturizing & protective hand cream

He is Out of the question of zapping the essential hydration ! Take care of your body It is first to drink enough water. At least 1.5 liter of water by Day, weakly mineralized: your epidermis draws most of its resources there. Moisturize your skin is also helping it retain this water By offering him good fat, story of to strenghten its project managers, lipid cement and hydrolipidic film. To do this, do not forget to apply our moisturizing lady mist and our moisturizing & protective hand cream every day, at any time of the day!



To prevent skin relaxation: tone!

TheSublimating & invigorating dry oil  

Cellulite, orange skin, stretch marks, tissue relaxation ? To all this, an answer: the sublimating & invigorating dry oil. Associated with good assets, this is the secret to taking care of your body. Do you know none of these concerns? Massage all the same (and savor your luck): to tone and soften the skin, activate circulation, stimulate collagen and elastin. As effective as exfoliation or dry cleaning to boost cell renewal.