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Fresh ... it's life!

Le frais…C’est la vie !

We all keep our care and creams in a cupboard, on a shelf or even in the bathroom ... What if we tell you to start putting them in the fridge?

With the approaching summer, we all want to feel fresh and comfortable. For this, Lili and Margo have discovered a new tip that will keep you fresh throughout the summer! For what Keep your care in the cool?

Other than feeling refreshed after applying cold creams on the face, the benefits of care in the fridge in the fridge.

During the summer, the heat has the power to degrade assets such as niancinamide, retinol or vitamin C present in the products. By placing your care in the fridge, you keep these assets and give a longer lifespan to the products.

That's not all ! The decongestant effect of the cold thus optimizes the effectiveness of masks, creams, gels and serums and make their results much more effective.

If this tip seems practical to you, you must absolutely start by putting your moisturizers in the fridge. By doing this, your cream will not only feed your skin but also firm it, reduce redness, deflate the pockets under the eyes and tighten the pores. So what are you waiting for? Refrigerate!


That Can we keep in the fridge?

Not only can care be kept in the fridge, but also make -up products and beauty accessories!

To prevent a lipstick from to soften or crash, you can use it to the end by keeping it in the fridge. As for makeup pencils for the eyes or lips, the cold will preserve their firmness to allow a more precise route to the application. They will also be easier to cut!

Finally, you can keep beauty accessories such as the Gua Sha and the Jade rollerblading for more lifting and firming effects.


Attention ! Avoid large temperature differences.

Even if the conservation of products cool is a good idea, always avoid large temperature differences. Once a product was put in the fridge, it will be necessary to keep it until its expiration date to avoid its rupture caused by the differences between heat and cold.

 Take advantage of it and start with this refreshing tip!