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Lili and Margo give you 3 tips to illuminate your complexion!

Lili et Margo vous donnent 3 Tips pour illuminer votre teint !

Exfolier, exfolier, exfolier! 

With the return of our Exfoliating sweetness, Lili and Margo wish to tell you about the importance of exfoliation.

 Indeed, the excess of dead skins creates a skin occlusion which contains the hair under the skin. Dead skins accumulate, mix with sebum of the skin and clog pores. Then followed black dots, acne and all these atrocities that lead us very hard!  

First, exfoliation helps you avoid the formation of impurities on the face. It stimulates microcirculation which improves the sparkle of the skin and promotes the regeneration of the epidermis.

Double cleaning  

The double cleaning is ideal whatever your skin type and it is particularly recommended to boost the radiance: this is the most effective method for keeping a unified and radiant complexion! 

Indeed, well -cleaned skin will be better oxygenated and will benefit from its care routine.

 There are surely several products to clean your skin, make -up oils, balms, lotions ... But the secret is to know in what order to use them.

To get an optimal result, clean your face first with the Sweet Milky Makeover Using a cotton, then renettoy with the Gentle lotion To ensure that all the impurities are gone!



 UV ray protection

Beyond exposure to external aggressions and pollution, a dull complexion comes from exposure to UV rays and direct sunlight. This makes the skin obviously darker, dry and less shiny. To do this, you must always apply a generous amount of a SPF50+ minimum cream!

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