Lili Margo, a brand for everyone!

Lili Margo, une marque pour tous !

An inclusive brand  

Increasingly used, the term inclusiveness is valuing and highlighting people from groups and communities that can be excluded from everyday life. It is a term that we hear enormously in recent years, whether in the workplace, or in the fashion world and, more generally, in the cosmetics industry just like Lili Margo.

At Lili Margo, we are very often working with suitable companies to support people with disabilities and we try to integrate them into our manufacturing process as much as possible. 

That's not all !

We are doing our best to always include everyone in our universe of nature and beauty! All our ranges are designed for all types of skins and for all generations.

Lili Margo ranges for different types of skins

Floractiv20+ (Anti-aging range with patented molecule)



Our new Floractiv20+ range was born from 20 exceptions to guarantee the longevity of the skin through unique innovative care. This patented complex is a concentrate of technology present at the heart of all the care in the range to ensure immediate and lasting results for bright youth skin. In order to blur wrinkles, this range is intended for all skin types as well as all skins colors.

 Activalift D&N (Anti-aging range)



Activalift D&N was born from a merger between science and nature to offer all women a real anti-aging ritual. The skin does not have time to age. These exceptional treatments reduce the signs of age by acting at all times in order to continually provide the necessary benefits to maintain younger skin, longer.

 Hydrabsolute (Hydrating range)



These treatments are intended for all generations in their entirety so that each woman can benefit from hydrated and bright skin. These formulas act at all levels of the face (lips, face, eyes) and optimally on all the different strata of the epidermis in order to offer lasting benefits. It’s absolute hydration.

Green Solution (Detoxifying range)

The Green Solution range is made up of a single innovative product, the 3 -in 1. This very complete product treatment offers several textures to the application and immediate and lasting multiple benefits on the skin.

 Cleans and makeup remover (Cleaning range)


The different products offered have targeted objectives in order to remove make -up, clean, tone and/or purify all skin types. Our experts have allied science and nature in order to offer, through these care, an unprecedented sensory richness. All the textures in the range provide a feeling of comfort for a unique moment of pleasure. All products are natural which eliminates the necessary impurities while leaving the skin barrier intact.

 Having healthy skin is a necessity to everyone, you deserve it. Be one of our #LMBAAUTIES now and try one of our ranges!