Lili Margo supports the Etincelle association for Pink October!

Lili Margo soutient l’association Etincelle à l'occasion d’Octobre Rose !

This donation made it possible to bring in a socio-aesthetician to provide psychological help and technical care to women who need it.

Since 1985, the annual Pink October communication campaign has been conducted to raise awareness of breast cancer screening and to raise funds for research. Originating in the United States, and arriving in France in 1994, this campaign begins on October 1 and ends on October October and ends on October 31, thus extending over the entire month each year.

In addition to raising funds for research into the causes of breast cancer, its prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure, Pink October also supports those affected by breast cancer and continues to inform them.

Breast cancer accounts for more than a third of all new cases of cancer in women and is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women worldwide, with nearly one woman in 12 developing breast cancer in her lifetime according to the WHO.

Lili Margo represents all women. Whether they are young, mature, natural or experts, we want each of them to be able to identify with Lili Margo. That's why, as a cosmetics brand for women, we wanted to support an association like Etincelle, which helps many women to improve their quality of life during and after the disease.

Etincelle has been providing supportive care to thousands of women with all types of cancers for more than 15 years.

Its objective is to improve the quality of life during and after the disease, thanks to attentive listening and personalised support for patients, through a multitude of workshops.

Since 2004, nearly 3,000 women have already been supported by the association!

Don't forget, screening is important! The earlier breast cancer is detected, the greater the chances of recovery.

There are many ways to support this cause, both during the Pink October period and throughout the year. Together, let's take action!