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Our routine before going to sleep with Sweet Dreams

After cleansing my skin, I apply Biocell'patchs under my eyes. The innovative formula of these biocellulose patches will instantly relieve puffiness and dark circles. It is a real cure of hydration.


Your evening routine with Lili Margo products:
It is at night that the skin regenerates the best, so it is very important to take care of it before going to sleep to wake up with a fresh and rested complexion.
Lili Margo has concocted a complete skincare routine to be applied at night before going to bed: Sweet dream. This set of 3 products will become your skin's new best friend!

STEP 1: Biocell'patch

After removing my make-up and cleansing my skin, I apply the Biocell'patch under my eyes. The innovative formula of the biocellulose patches will instantly decongest bags and dark circles. The serum contained in the patches will continue to act during the night and optimize the regeneration of the cells around the eyes. I leave the patches on for 15 minutes while drinking an infusion because one of the most effective secrets to beautiful skin is to drink a lot of water! At the end of the 15 minutes, I tap the area around my eyes to make the excess serum penetrate.

STEP 2: Rich cocktail

I then use the second product in my favourite set: the Youth Control cream. Its anti-aging and moisturizing properties will allow my skin to rebuild itself during the night. The ultra-light texture of the cream penetrates the skin instantly and gives it a feeling of comfort and softness.
To promote cellular microcirculation and have a more radiant complexion, I have a little secret! I apply Youth Control in a smoothing motion from the center of the face outwards. Day after day, my skin is toned and regains its elasticity thanks to this natural lift!

SETAPE 3 : Nourishing Lip Balm

It is imperative to take care of each area of the face so that your skin always looks its best! Applied in a thicker layer at night, this soft balm will act as a mask and engulf my lips for exceptional comfort. Kiss it better prepares my skin for all external aggressions by deeply hydrating my lips. I wake up in the morning with an evenly pink and voluptuous mouth!
You are now ready to go to sleep!