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SO Solid, so hibiscus!

So Solid, So Hibiscus !

You have necessarily heard of it. It's simple, it's practical, it's effective, it's Sohibiscus!

But basically, do you really know what it is? And yes, these are solid products that we all have to start using. For what ? We will give you 3 important reasons later!

-       The 0 waste alternative

According to Plasticseurope, global plastic production reached nearly 350 million tonnes in 2017. As only 9 % of this plastic is recycled (National Geographic, 2018), the vast majority accumulates in the landfills or ends in our oceans.

Solid beauty products have a much lower carbon footprint than their liquid counterparts. As they are smaller and lighter than bottled products, they can be wrapped in larger numbers in transport containers.

If you too want an environmentally friendly beauty treatment, opt today for cosmetic and waste products.

-       Ideal for travel

Do you know this feeling of stress when you are in the safety of the airport and you search frantically in your hand luggage to find your transparent plastic pocket containing liquid toiletries?

With solid products, your trips are hassle. You can just keep your invigorating solid shampoo and your all-in-one soap bread in your hand luggage when going to safety.

In addition, so hibiscus care is compact and light, which means that you can easily slip them into your suitcase or overflowing travel bag. And the best in all that: you don't have to worry about leaks!

-       You deserve the best

You only deserve the best. You deserve skin and hair treatments based on natural ingredients. Unfortunately, many liquid cosmetics contain sulfates to increase foam, which can irritate the skin. Palm oil from unsustainable sources and preservatives intended to increase the shelf life are also common in many liquid beauty products.

On the other hand, Lili Margo's products are free from these unpleasant ingredients. All our Sohibiscus treatments are sulphate without preservatives and palm oil. After washing the face with our floral powder and our multi-use balm, your skin and your hair will be hydrated and healthier.

In addition, you can take advantage of the natural texture of our products, which is 100% manufactured in France. You will not have to worry about slippery plastic bottles or difficults that are difficult to open!

You just have to take your care moisturizing stick eyes & face, floral powder, stick deodorant and multi-use balm ... and to relax in order to enjoy your care routine.