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Special winter evening routine by Lili Margo

Then, it’s time for the shower! Taking too hot showers is not recommended in winter, but I can’t help it. It’s a real relaxing moment. Don’t forget to do body and face scrubs because the friction of clothes is very drying for the skin.


After a long day of work, nothing is more pleasant than going home and taking care of yourself. For me, it starts with a good hot shower to relax.
But before that, I make sure to make up carefully by using a Anti-pollution removal oil To remove all traces of makeup and purify my skin from the aggressions of the day, such as pollution. Removal is the first step in any good skin care ritual, because it allows you to prepare the skin for the care that will follow. After removing all my makeup, I can then go to the shower.
However, I am careful not to use a too hot temperature of the water to avoid drying my skin.
During my shower, I take this opportunity to make scrubs for the body and face to eliminate dead cells and prevent my skin from drying up quickly. This is an important moment of the day to take care of my skin and prepare it for the care that will follow.

After my shower, I make sure to remove the limestone residues from the shower water by passing a cotton Gentle lotion On my face and neck. This step is important to prevent water minerals from drying out my skin even more. In winter, I need intense hydration, because my skin tends to dry out easily.

This is why I use a serum, such as the Flower capsule serum, To nourish my skin in depth before applying my night cream, such as the Intense anti-aging floral cream, which also prevents the appearance of the first wrinkles. Serum is an essential product in my skin care routine, as it prepares my skin for the care, increasing their effectiveness.

I do not forget to apply a Eye contour treatment, as the Revitalizing mask 3 in 1, because I have a dehydrated eye area which easily gives fine lines if I neglect it. THE Eye contour treatment is a specific product designed for this fragile and delicate face area. It is important to use it regularly to prevent the appearance of fine lines and premature aging signs.


Finally, before going to sleep, I apply the Universal hydrating lip balm & protector In thick layers to have hydrated and repulted lips upon waking. The lips are often overlooked in skin care rituals, but it is important to hydrate them also to prevent them from drying out and gather.

After this skin care ritual, I feel relaxed and ready to sleep peacefully, knowing that my skin is soft, hydrated and prepared for a new day. I hope these tips will be useful to take care of your skin.