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The Perfect Beauty Kit for your Summer!

Between swimsuits, shorts and t-shirts, if you don't take your entire wardrobe with you there will be some room left in your suitcase for some cares but be careful to choose them wisely.

My essentials for this summer in my travel kit!

Soon the beginning of the holidays and if you go to the sun think of taking some care, you don't know what unpleasantness can happen there and imagine the drama if you are tens of kilometers away from the beauty shops. I hardly dare to imagine it!

Between swimsuits, shorts and t-shirts, if you don't take your whole wardrobe with you, there will be some room left in your suitcase for a few treatments, but be careful to choose them carefully.

Personally, I'm always between several cities and no matter where I go, my little toiletry kit always follows me with the bare minimum of beauty. It's sometimes difficult to make the right choice, either you don't know which products to take or you want to take too many, the trick is to choose the right combo. One product for each part of the face is the minimum, so a maximum of 4 products, even though I usually only need 3.

The sun, sea salt or chlorine do not go well with the skin, between the drying of the skin, the sebum that floods in en masse and sunburn, summer can be scary! It is essential to apply a minimum of something otherwise when you return you will want to stay locked in your room, under a layer of 5 centimeters of cream.

Between aggressions and irritations our skin is never safe, whether in winter or summer all the climatic elements seem to be against us, wanting to hurt us and make us ugly, but well prepared and with the right care it is you who will laugh at the sun. The external aggressions are thus more important in summer but nowadays we have all the means and the knowledge to fight against our dear friend the sun.

So in my little travel kit, you will see that there is not much, but yet everything is there! In summer, by the sea, we are rarely sheltered from the wind and the sun, so for the lips it's a disaster, so the Kiss It Better is really mandatory with its exfoliating action, and you won't find anything better than this one. Remember last summer, the flood of sebum on your face, you probably hadn't discovered our Blue Ocean yet, it's really a must when you're out and about in 30°C so remember to cleanse your skin in the morning and evening to purify your skin after the accumulation of all the toxins. In the morning after applying the lotion, and you are ready for the day, with its light moisturizing action penetrates deep into the epidermis for a soft skin all day, in addition to that it will protect your face from UV rays, think of a sun cream for the rest of the body. These are my safeguards and you can go on holiday without worrying.