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How to Perfectly Clean my Skin Every Day ?

How to perfectly clean my skin every day ?

The first beauty treatment in the morning is to cleanse your skin!

A brief focus on my favourite Lili Margo’s products:

Cleaning your face first eliminates all impurities and reduces the risk of infection (our dear blackheads). The massaging motion of the products on the skin will directly reactivate the cellular mechanisms and therefore brighten up the complexion!

My first cleansing step is Blue Ocean Two-Phase Lotion! It allows me to remove make-up from the face and even from the eye contour area, which remains a very sensitive area. Rich in trace elements, Blue Ocean re-mineralizes and strengthens my skin. Its soothing properties offer a gentle cleansing and an exceptional feeling of comfort, I apply it with two cotton pads from the middle to the sides of my face to tone it up.

After removing the first traces of make-up, I use a milk to remove make-up deeply. My Milky Cleansing Cuddle envelops my skin to cleanse all of its pores. This cleansing milk limits the effects of pollution that accumulate on my skin during the day. Its milky texture deeply nourishes and purifies. I apply it directly with my hands in circular movements: each part of my face is very clean. Then I rinse the product because yes girls, you always have to rinse a cleansing milk! Milk cleans out impurities but if you don't rinse it, they will stay on your skin and penetrate with the product: disaster guaranteed! This is the best way to damage your skin.

To complete my daily cleansing, I use a lotion that will take care of removing the last impurities and limescale on my skin: the Subtle Delight without alcohol. It purifies and refines the skin texture. I apply it just like the Blue Ocean with two cotton pads from the middle towards the sides of my face. Performing these types of movements allows me to offer a natural facelift and a radiance to my complexion.

Voila! My skin is clean and ready for further care!

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