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22 Nov 2019 | Conseils Beauté
ÉCRIT PAR Lili Margo

Our secrets for beautiful lips!

Discover all the ways you can use Kiss It Better lip balm. You can keep it in your purse as a beauty accessory at any time of the day, as an exfoliator or even a mask!

With the cold weather coming on fast, we start to have chapped and tight lips... Personally, to keep my lips soft and silky, I have developed a little beauty routine based on homemade products and my favorite balm: Kiss it Better!

The basis of this special lip routine is to moisturize and nourish them several times a day. Using a balm on your mouth day after day will limit the risk of getting unsightly skin but will also plump and even out your lips. Kiss it Better is my favorite balm because it is very rich in plant oils and natural waxes. This allows me to treat my lips deeply and prepare them for the cold weather. It penetrates very easily to the deepest layers of the skin without sticking and leaves a slightly glossy finish!

On weekends, I like to take care of myself and I do some skin care. I also take the opportunity to take care of my mouth. In order to have fuller and slightly pinker lips, I do a real complete care:

The exfoliant:

It is very important to exfoliate them at least once a week in order to eliminate dead skin. This also helps to reactivate the blood flow in your mouth. Let me explain: the movement of the product on your lips will help activate your cells and therefore the blood flow. This blood flow will naturally plump up your lips but also make them instantly pink. Personally, I use a simple toothbrush with soft bristles and warm water or a mixture of sugar and honey to stay in the natural care. In a few seconds and after a few circular motions, your lips are already softer and silkier.

The mask:

Guess what product I can use as a lip mask? Kiss it Better, of course! I apply my balm in a thick layer all over my mouth and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the condition of my lips. At the end of the 15 minutes I rub the excess material in with small circular movements. This balm is so rich in nutrients that it can be used as a repairing mask for the lips!

There you go, girls! You know all my secrets for a pretty smile and soft kisses!


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