Sos blackheads! Ours solutions to eliminate them

Blackheads and whiteheads are our worst enemies. First of all, you should know that everyone has comedones because they are formed in an essential element of the skin: the pores! They can appear during acne breakouts, but also because of an unhealthy lifestyle (stress or lack of sleep).
Blackheads are called an open comedo and white spots are a closed comedo or micro-cyst due to an obstructed pore covered by skin. The black color comes from the melanin of the skin that oxidizes and becomes black in contact with  the oxygen of the air.
The first step to eliminate black and white spots is to change your lifestyle because it is often the crux of the problem. Don’t forget that everything you put on your plate will affect your skin! Think about eating healty neither too fat nor too sweet, not  to alter the production of sebum or the skin’s. An imbalanced  diet, lack of sleep or stress can be factors responsible for these small skin problems that ruin your life!

The second tip I can give you girls is to clean your skin twice a day! Cleaning your skin will allow you to remove the maximum amount of impurities stuck in your pores and thus limit the risk of clogging. This is a step that you can’t neglect if you want to have a fine skin texture and especially without blackheads. Imagine going to bed every night with your makeup and toxins accumulated during the day, your pores will be full of bacteria and therefore will develop more and more blackheads or whiteheads. I advise you to use cleaning products adapted to your skin to limit the development of bacteria!

Always in order to eliminate toxins before the pores are completely clogged, I advise you to scrub your skin at least once a week. Our Sweet Scrub and  organic apricot kernels are  perfect for all skin types with imperfections! The microbeads will exert pressure on the skin and help you remove impurities from your skin in an instant. Its purifying properties will also reduce the number of comedones and the risk of skin infection. Girls, remember that the movement of microbeads on the skin reactivates the cellular mechanisms and therefore offers an instant brightness !
Then you can apply a purifying mask such as  Sebum Control which regulates the sebum production. I advise you to use it once a week and you just have to rinse it after 10 minutes with clear water.

My last advice is for me the most important! Never forget that all skins need hydration including oily skin. An over-stressed skin will naturally produce more sebum to protect itself and will therefore develop more imperfections ... So girls, moisturize your skin daily with skincare  products tailored to your needs and with the non-comedogenic mention!

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