Winter night routine

At night, when I come home after a long day at work, I like to take a nice hot shower and take care of myself. Hop hop, in the bathroom!
Make-up removal is the first and most important step! It removes all traces of makeup on the skin and purifies it against external aggressions such as pollution. The Cleansing Cuddle Milk is very pleasant on the face, just take a hazelnut and massage your face with it. It is a real moment of relaxation. I then use a cotton pad to remove the makeup residue on my face and rinse with clear water.
Then, it’s time for the shower! Taking too hot showers is not recommended in winter, but I can’t help it. It’s a real relaxing moment. Don’t forget to do body and face scrubs because the friction of clothes is very drying for the skin.
I give you a little tip to do after the shower: apply Subtle Delight with a cotton pad on your face and neck to remove limescale from the shower water. Limestone residue dries up the skin even more, so it is important to remove it from the surface of the skin.

In winter, my face needs real hydration. So, I use a serum to prepare my skin for the night cream, to increase its benefits. The Subliminal Serum is a must have, as it nourishes the skin intensely. If I have a few small pimples that show up because of the cold, I apply tea tree essential oil locally, using a cotton bud, before applying my serum.

After the serum, the moisturizer is out! I use a rich care such as Youth control which also prevents from the first wrinkles that are now showing up... It penetrates quickly into the skin without giving this unpleasant sticky effect.
I finish with an eye contour, richer for the night. Because of my dehydrated eye contour, I easily get fine lines if I skip this step. The Exhaustive eye contour perfectly meets my skin’s needs.
And finally, don’t forget to apply kiss it better in a thick layer on your lips, an essential before going to sleep to wake up with moisturized and plumped mouth.

After this ritual you can sleep peacefully. Good night girls!

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