Routine Puradiance

Lili Margo

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Profil Puradiance

Your skin is normal with no particular problems, but your complexion tends to be dull. Your skin needs to be taken care of! This dull appearance is due to the the build-up of toxins in the body which causes slowing down of cell renewal. Different internal (stress, hormones ...) and external (pollution, blue lights, UV rays, tobacco ...) factors can explain this lack of radiance.

It is therefore essential to take care of it in order to maintain a hydrated and radiant skin.

What will this beauty routine provide to your skin ?

These products provide your skin with a complete routine tailored to your skin type. These treatments will ensure the maintenance of a good balance between the water supply, to maintain good hydration, and the lipid intake which will help nourish the skin.

They aim to hydrate, revitalize and detoxify your skin to restore radiance and tone.