lili margo products

The subliminal serum and the biocell' patch

Perfect for your mom! This serum is the dream treatment for skin lacking in tone, lack of elasticity, lack of homogeneity or skin aging. Tightening and smoothing effects are immediate (onset in 35 minutes) and long term!

5 pairs of eye contour patches to wake up the radiance of your eyes. 100% natural and biodegradable membrane made from coconut. This innovative 3 in 1 express patch instantly acts on dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.

dear charlotte product

White enamelled earrings circled in gold

Dear Charlotte is a jewelry brand founded by Vanessa Pinoncely in 2010. A real bargain hunter, passionate about vintage jewelry, the designer draws her inspiration from royal courts or from her many travels to create her own world, delicately romantic and deliciously retro.

Earring diameter = 3.5 cm.