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Your skin texture is irregular and your pores are often visible and dilated. This is due to an excess of sebum which makes your skin more prone to blemishes. The general appearance of the skin is dull, oily and shiny.

External aggressions (pollution, blue lights, UV rays, tobacco, etc.) accentuate the secretion of sebum and make the skin shiny during the day.

Your skin is fragile and must therefore be treated gently. It requires care adapted to its needs.

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What will this beauty routine provide to your skin ?

Your skin has multiple needs that require the use of care capable of meeting them.

This routine will harmonize your skin while respecting its fragile balance.

These adapted treatments will make it possible to control sebum production and mattify the skin while maintaining good hydration. They will also purify the skin without attacking it and by gently eliminating the bacteria responsible for the various imperfections.