Discover The Universe of Lili Margo!

When listening, expertise, natural and glamor come together, it is the art of beauty.
Lili Margo is part of the new era of the skin care industry. It respects the environment and the well-being of women.
We listen to your needs, your expectations and your deepest desires.
This is why all of our products are the result of 3 wishes: expertise, naturalness and glamor.
So, to listen to women is to be attentive to the needs of each woman.

Lili Margo combines expertise and nature to offer a unique and timeless experience. As a result, we offer rituals to enhance the personality of each one of you!
Remember, every woman has her secrets ... But some secrets can be revealed in order to pass traditions down from generation to another.
Within the House Lili Margo, you will discover the peculiarities of two muses:
Lili and Margo. All women can be found in one of them. Lili is natural and avant-gardist and Margo is elegant and expert. However, the harmony of these two individual and singular personalities returns to us as the fulfilled, free and emancipated woman of our time.

Let yourself be seduced by the Lili Margo universe, which invites you to live experiences around your five senses! The sense of smell for a sensory experience, the touch with creamy and smooth textures, the taste with a sweet and soft lip balm, the sight with glamorous packaging and finally the hearing with our music Lili Margo!
One of our deepest desires is to create the experience. This is why we have designed an event unique to Lili Margo that links fashion and beauty. #BEAUTYMEETSFASHION.
The first edition took place under the famous Printemps Haussman dome on the occasion of the Paris Fashion Week closing in March 2019.
Glamor, glitter, show, dancers, singers and models were at the rendezvous!
We also exhibited all the Lili Margo products and a Pop-up SPA which allowed guests to test our ranges of treatments.

Beauty meets fashion is one of our signature events that we plan to do every year. Stay connected, because we have many surprises in store for you ...

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