Lili Margo continues its international deployment!

After having visited Japan and Mexico, let's continue our journey to the Asian and American continents.

This time, let's fly to China and the United States...

Did you know that China and the United States are the two countries with the largest cosmetics market in the world?

The skin care segment in China is the most important segment of the beauty industry. Indeed, the Chinese population is on the lookout for new trends and wants expert, natural and French products.

So, Lili Margo has launched its products in China!

At K11, a Chinese shopping mall combining art and shopping. You can discover our brand in a new and modern environment. The K11 mixes shops and art galleries, and even shows and artistic performances within the gallery. This is a new way to discover our products in China!

Lili Margo and K11 share similar values: love of art, customer experience, respect for nature and customer well-being.

Lili Margo is also present in an iconic location in the United States, the Greenbrier Hotel.

This 5-star resort is known worldwide for its exceptional service and hospitality, but it is also a great place to shop!

It offers a collection of over 36 shops and boutiques.

Strolling through the Greenbrier offers an incredible shopping experience not to be missed. Lili Margo's presence in this complex is a real added value to bring the products to consumers around the world.

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