Lili Margo’s international expansion!

Today, we are proud to announce our international expansion.

Lili Margo is present in various points of sale: shopping centers, beauty salons, concept stores and pharmacies. We want to bring our products to women all over the world!

Lili Margo is a Parisian brand. The products are present in more than 250 beauty salons, about 50 pharmacies and about 30 concept shops.

Today, Lili Margo has taken off in many countries. We are delighted to present some of our partnerships!

Let's go back over a part of the journey together...

First of all, Lili Margo has settled in Japan!

Did you know that Japan is considered THE country of beauty and that it is the 3rd largest cosmetics market in the world?

French skincare brands represent 40% of this market! The French art of living benefits from an excellent brand image, which is one of the reasons why the Japanese trust us!

Taking care of one's skin has always been a ritual in Japan and today even more so with the rise of products made from natural ingredients.

Lili Margo products are present in one of the biggest shopping malls in Japan: Mitsukoshi Ebisu. We were lucky enough to be selected to place our products in an area dedicated to organic, natural, and biological skincare.

Moreover, as the Japanese population is constantly on the lookout for novelties and eager for expert, natural and glamorous products, Lili Margo is delighted to be able to satisfy their needs.

Let's continue our journey to Mexico!

After expanding our presence in the Asian market, the products are also available in South America! They can be found in Mexico's leading pharmacy chain: Farmacias Del Ahorro, with more than 1000 outlets. This chain offers a multitude of quality health and care products.

Why Mexico?

First, because the use of skin care products is really growing. In Mexico, consumers are increasingly sensitive to dermo-cosmetic beauty products.

That is why, as a brand that respects the environment and the well-being of women, we have the opportunity to distribute our products in the dermatological beauty zone: DERMA, where international brands are exhibited. 

The second part of the journey will be in our next article...

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