Routine Youth Connection

Lili Margo

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You have dry, mature skin characterized by a lack of sebum and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Because of this sebum deficiency, dry skin does not have the lipids it needs to retain moisture and build a protective barrier against various external aggressions (pollution, blue lights, UV rays, etc.)

The skin is thin and does not have dilated pores, however it often feels tight and uncomfortable.

Deficient in sebum, poorly protected, your skin tends to become dehydrated and weakened.

Dry skin tends to wrinkle more easily, especially since it also tends to thin.

Less supple than normal skin, it can become dull, rough and will tend to redden.

It is therefore essential to hydrate it so that it can cope with external aggressions as well as skin aging.



What will this beauty routine provide to your skin ?

These products provide you with a routine tailored to your skin type. They will restore the water level and reform the protective film.

These treatments will hydrate and nourish your skin while correcting signs of aging.