The secrets of Glamour

The world is changing deeply, day after day, exponentially. Beauty criteria are evolving, trends are evolving, desires are becoming more pronounced, but some needs cannot be replaced.

The need to feel good, to feel fulfilled, the need to be happy, to feel strong, free, feminine, charming and glamorous. Isn't that right ? 

It is when we have confidence in ourselves, in our strengths and weaknesses that we can be fulfilled. Don't be afraid to bring out all your assets, your undeniable charm and glamour ingrained in you.


Do you know where the word glamour comes from? 

The English name Glamour means first of all "magic"; this word comes from the French grimoire, and the latter designates a book concealing formulas with the help of which one can charm and bewitch whoever we want.

Discover 3 secrets for everyday glamour! 

To be glamorous it is to bring out your charm, your sensuality, your personality. We often focus on what we don't have or on our differences, but it is with our individuality and singularity that we can highlight our femininity. Just like a magic trick! Free your negative and destructive thoughts and find out what makes you proud. 

Glamour is also closely linked with self-confidence. There's no need to put on your best outfit or put on your best lipstick. What matters is what you portray. It's your attitude when you wander through the streets of Paris, or when you walk into a shop or go for an appointment.

Now; elegance, refinement and sophistication should be your watchwords! Stop comparing, devaluing or criticisingeach other. 


Put all your chances on your side to be fulfilled, to improve your daily life little by little and to feel alive! 

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