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21 Mar 2022 | RSE
ÉCRIT PAR Lili Margo

Celebrate Forest Day with Lili Margo and Reforest'Action

Lili Margo and the team are proud to announce to you that they will be planting 4,500 trees in the Saint-Setiers forest in partnership with Reforest'Action!

Lili Margo and her team are proud to announce that they will plant 4,500 trees in the Saint-Setiers forest in partnership with Reforest'Action!

Lili Margo and ecoresponsibility

Every year on March 21, we celebrate World Forest Day. From March 18 to 27, 2022, hundreds of activities will take place everywhere in France and overseas, in order to take the general public to the discovery of trees and forests... through convivial moments! As Lili Margo is an expert, natural and ecologically committed brand, the preservation and protection of the environment is one of its primary values. For this reason, Lili Margo and Reforest'Action invite you to participate in the planting of the Saint-Setiers 2 (19) forest this spring 2022!

With a planting area of 4.20 hectares, Reforest and Lili Margo will be able to plant different and diverse species of plants. Douglas fir, hybrid larch, spruce, wild cherry, alder, field maple and finally chestnut will all be planted with the aim of enriching us with natural resources, constituting a precious and even indispensable habitat for biodiversity and finally storing the carbon dioxide contained in the atmosphere!

The objectives of the project

Located in the heart of the Millevaches National Park, this project aims at revalorizing a whole sector, while relying on the introduction of a diversified species procession in order to plant at most the abandoned plots. A variety of conifers will make up 3/4 of the plantation, and will be complemented locally by lines of deciduous trees in order to shelter a rich local fauna and flora.

The objectives of this project are numerous; to restore degraded forest plots following natural disasters, fires or diseases, and finally to rehabilitate agricultural and industrial wastelands.

The benefits of the project

And that's not all!

Thanks to this project, 675 tons of CO2, 13,500 animal shelters, and 1,500 years of oxygen will all be generated to participate in the fight against global warming.

Finally, this project will allow the creation of a space to welcome the public and to educate on sustainable development, which is obviously one of the greatest wishes of Lili Margo and her team!


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