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12 Jul 2022 | Ingredients
ÉCRIT PAR Lili Margo

FLORACTIV20+ : The first patented molecule 100% derived from flowers!

Avec l’été qui approche, Lili et Margo vous lancent une nouvelle gamme brevetée 100% issue de fleurs.

With summer approaching, Lili and Margo are launching a new patented line of products made from 100% flowers.

Because Lili Margo is an innovative and environmentally committed brand, our new FLORACTIV20+ line is completely composed of natural ingredients that respect your skin and the planet.

Let's discover together what our researchers have created!

Our researchers were interested in the anti-aging potential of nature in order to select 20 complementary flowers of exception to guarantee the longevity of the skin through unique innovative care. This patented complex is a concentrate of technology present in the heart of all the care products in the range to ensure immediate and long-lasting results for skin that glows with youth.

Anti-Aging Flower Capsule Serum

This anti-aging serum provides the skin with all the elements necessary to achieve smoother, more vibrant-looking skin. Its pearls are combined with hyaluronic acid and gardenia flower to diminish the visible signs of aging and maintain moisture. Its delicate floral fragrance and pearl texture provide a real moment of pleasure and softness.

Anti-Aging Flower Radiance Eye Contour

This treatment reduces dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes. It has hydrating, regenerating and anti-aging effects. It slows down the premature aging of the skin and protects against cellular degeneration.

Floral Blooming Anti-Aging Day Cream

This fast penetrating cream restores firmness and tone to the skin. The flower of the prickly pear offers a protective function by protecting the DNA from all external aggressions. Its floral and delicate perfume as well as its unctuous texture get a real moment of pleasure and softness. The skin is softer, smoother and firmer.

Intense Anti-Aging Floral Night Cream

This cream is applied in the evening when the skin is most receptive. The cornflower regenerates the cells and repairs the skin from the oxidative stress suffered during the day. Its floral and delicate perfume as well as its soft and unctuous texture provide a real moment of pleasure and softness. In the morning, the skin is firmer, more supple and smoother.

Purifying Floral Foam

This foam gently cleanses the skin without drying it out. The floral complex is boosted with sacred lotus flower which reduces feelings of irritation and discomfort for a more radiant skin. Its floral and delicate perfume as well as its airy and unctuous texture provide a real moment of pleasure and softness. The skin is smoother and more beautiful.

Anti-Aging Flower Essence Mask

This cream mask contains moisturizing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory active ingredients. The Hundred Leaf Rose significantly moisturizes and provides better protection against external aggressions. Its floral and delicate fragrance as well as its soft and creamy texture provide a real moment of pleasure and relaxation for a more luminous looking skin.

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